Winter is Past Part 13 - I declare that by Your wounds, I am healed!

Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

    It is very easy for us Christians to accept that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross gave us salvation and eternal life with Him in heaven. But Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the coming Messiah assures us that Jesus would not only sacrifice himself so we could be forgiven of our sins and receive eternal life, he also tells us that Jesus would bring us healing in his torture and death. Yet how often do you think about this when you are sick? We are so quick to recognize his gift of everlasting life, but we skip over the fact that his gift includes abundant life on this earth!

    My body is covered with various scars and wounds. From the cut on my knee that I got when I fell off my bike as a kid, to the acne scars of my teens, to several reminders of the surgeries I have had as an adult, there is almost no place on my body that is free from the effects of life. 

    For a long time I looked at these scars and wounds with regret. I thought they represented some ugly defect that I could never get rid of. In some cases they carry a memory that I wish I could just forget. But I have started to consider them differently....

     Now, when I see the fading purple stretch marks which appeared on my body through three successive pregnancies, I not only remember the pregnancy and its effects on my stomach, but I choose to think about the wound that Christ received when they struck his side with a spear and blood and water flowed out of it. When I look at the jagged scar left from the port that was put near my right clavicle, I not only remember the chemotherapy that was delivered via that port, but I resolve to remember the thorns that scarred my Savior’s forehead when he was tortured. And when I examine the lumpy scar tissue that remains after the mastectomy and the memories of that surgery come flooding back, I decide to focus instead on the 39 lashes my Lord received so that I could be healed.

    Deciding to remember his wounds when I look at my own wounds has slowly begun to replace the many scary memories with beautiful memories! For by his wounds I am healed. And I have the proof of his healing in my own wounds! Praise the Lord!


    List any scars or wounds you have received on your body in your journal.

    Now look that these scars differently. Choose to identify with your Savior. List the ways that the scars can remind you of the wounds our Lord received so that you could be healed of your wounds.

We know that it is because you were crucified that we have salvation. But we also acknowledge that your death, burial and resurrection have given us healing and peace. Just as you gave me salvation when I was dead in my sin, you bring me salvation when I am hurting and sick. I declare that by Your wounds, I am healed!