A New Holiday Tradition

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I know some of you are purists out there who wait until after Thanksgiving to start preparing for Christmas, but I just cannot hold out that long!

Now don’t get me wrong…there are limits to how early I will begin prepping for Christmas. I mean, when Hallmark runs their Christmas in July movie marathon, I boycott it completely! I live in the northeast - there is no way I want to be reminded that frigid weather is only a few short months away! (Ironically, this summer when the leaves grew on the trees by my house, they blocked the satellite signal, and Hallmark Channel was the only clear reception that would come in! Needless to say, my boycott meant a few silent nights in the Kropp house in July.)

But somehow when Hallmark starts their 24 hour a day Christmas programming in November, it just seems right. Maybe it’s the colder weather or the shorter days, but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I am just ready for the celebrating to begin!

Please don’t think we skip Thanksgiving in my home. I love Thanksgiving and everything it stands for. We just kinda combine holidays. I mean, when we gather around the Thanksgiving table and share what we are most grateful for, Jesus is number one on everyone’s list! So you see, Christmas celebration mixes in nicely with Thanksgiving!

So we tune the tv to Hallmark, (still the only channel that comes in, despite the fallen leaves) and the holiday traditions commence! In early November, we begin by filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child to pass out to children in need. Then my kids and I embark on a two-day cookie baking frenzy to ensure that we have enough cookies for parties and gifts throughout the season. Thanksgiving week comes and we transform the house into a winter wonderland! (Hey, this teacher knows how to take advantage of vacation days!) And on Thanksgiving Day we give our kids a special ornament, which we choose to represent a significant event or milestone from the year. 

I could go on and on sharing the various traditions my family and friends have observed over the years. They are a comfort when life gets turned upside down; they are an expectation of wonderful things to come; they are a way for us to reconnect with each other despite the craziness of life; and most importantly, they are a reminder of everything that the Lord has done for us and will continue to do.

Exodus 12:14 (NLT)  “This is a day to remember. Each year, from generation to generation, you must celebrate it as a special festival to the Lord. This is a law for all time.”

The Lord commands His people here and throughout scripture to keep memorials, feasts, and holidays to remember what He had done for them. And so, we do the same today.

Building memorials to the Lord in the form of traditions for my family and friends has increased my faith, even in the most difficult times. And it’s for the purpose of helping others build memorials with their families, that I have chosen to write an advent calendar to share with all of you!


My incredibly talented sister, Kimmy Alsheimer of Drift Design Co., created the most beautiful Christmas artwork to adorn your home. These are 25 uniquely designed cards that could stand alone as a piece of art, but together are stunning. 


But these are more than just decoration for your home. Kimmy honored me when she asked if I would write a daily devotional for the back of each lovely card. For 25 days leading to and including Christmas Day, you and your loved ones can spend time together reading the Word of God and learning about the songs, traditions, and treats of Christmas season, while making memories and creating traditions of your own. 


We created the Light of the World Advent Calendar so you can enjoy it as individuals, couples, or families. Better yet, invite friends and extended family over to join you in the journey! I promise that it will beautifully add  to your holiday home decor as well as add meaning and purpose to your traditions and celebrations.

You can check out the Light of the World Advent Calendar here. 

And while you are there check out all the other great products that Drift Design Co offers!