Faith That Moves Mountains

    There is a man I have greatly admired since I read his biography when I was in my teens. His name is George Muller, and I highly recommend that you read his entire story. This is only a small part of it.

    He was born in Prussia in 1805. Having lived his life for himself in his early years, (he was a partier, thief, liar and gambler, among other things) he turned his life over to Jesus after attending a Bible study at the invitation of a friend. What happens next, the way he turns his life completely around and ceases to live for himself and begins a life of selfless faith is a long story that, again, I hope you will read in its entirety. 

    As a summary, I will tell you that he ended up moving to Bristol, England, where he started a Sunday school for children and an orphanage. One orphan house became five orphan houses before he was done, and the number of children who were ministered to in Bible study and in the houses was immense. 

    What is, perhaps, most incredible is that George Muller never asked anyone for a dime to help him support the thousands of children that he cared for! He worked tirelessly and selflessly day in and day out to see that the needs of his family and these children who he considered his own were met, all without requesting for financial help from anyone!

    There is one account that especially ministered to me. A day came when there was absolutely no food to feed the orphans. The matron of one of the houses came at breakfast time to ask George what she should do. He told her to have all the children come to the table and to put in front of each of them a plate and cup. When they were all seated, he told her to have them pray over their meal. When she asked him what they would be serving, as there was not a morsel of food in the house, he replied, “God will supply.” He led the children in prayer saying, “Dear God, we thank you for what you are going to give us to eat.” 

    As soon as he finished praying, the doorbell rang. It was the local baker saying that God had awakened him in the middle of the night and told him to bake enough bread to feed George Muller’s orphans! As they began serving the supernaturally provided bread, the doorbell rang again. This time it was the local milkman whose cart had broken down outside the door of the orphan house. He asked for help repairing the cart, but he needed to lighten the load first. He had 10 full cans of milk, if they could use it! Just like that, God had provided for the children, as George had, in faith, declared that he would. 

    This is just one of many stories of George Muller’s selfless faith. He served children right up until the day that he died. His funeral was the largest in the history of Bristol, England. It is estimated that in his 63 years of selfless service, he provided for over 10,000 children - all through prayer and selfless faith.