The Unstoppable Refrain

     I love the song, “In the Girl There’s a Room” by Sara Groves. I don’t know, there’s something about the picture I get in my head of a room inside me with a table, and a lit candle on that table that will never burn out. That candle represents my hope - the hope in Christ that will never die! I especially love the lines,

“In our hearts and souls, an unstoppable refrain! Hope stands in defiance!”

     The devil will use circumstances or difficulties or even people to try to blow out my candle, but the unstoppable refrain drowns out the sound of the devil.

     Abraham is the perfect example of the unstoppable refrain and the candle of hope that never burnt out. He waited and waited and waited for the promise of the Lord to be fulfilled. For 100 years he believed that the Lord would do what He said He would do. Can you just imagine? Doctors, friends, even his own wife must’ve thought he was nuts, but he still waited expectantly.

Romans 4:18 (NLT) says, “even though there was no reason to hope, Abraham kept hoping.”

     What if Abraham had finally given up after 99 years? I don’t think anyone would’ve blamed him. He could have thrown up his hands and allowed Ishmael to be his only heir. He could have spit in God’s face and told him where to go with His promise. But he didn’t. give. up. He waited, and waited, and waited...even when there was no reason to wait any more.

    What are you waiting for? Is there a promise from God that you have been believing to see fulfilled? Do you need healing - whether for your physical body, your emotions, your finances or your relationships?

     In John 5:1-9 we read about a man who was paralyzed and waited for 38 years to receive his healing. He waited, day in and day out, by the pool of Bethesda where, every so often, the pool was stirred by an angel. The first person to enter the pool after it was stirred would be healed of whatever ailed him. Well, this paralyzed man was incapable of getting into the pool on his own before everyone else, so he sat there day after day waiting...waiting for someone to help him in...waiting for there to be no one else around when the water stirred...waiting for a miracle.

     I ask you again, what if he had given up and gone home after 37 years? Again, who would have blamed him? That’s a very long time to sit in one spot, waiting for the healing he believed would come. But he waited. When he started waiting, Jesus had not even been born yet. He continued waiting as Jesus grew to be a man and started his ministry. He didn’t know that Jesus would be coming by - he had no reason to believe that his healing would come other than by the pool, and even that was unlikely. But God had a plan. Like Abraham, the plan for this man took a took longer than either took so long that most would have given up...but his hope that he would be healed was fulfilled... because he waited!